Fruit Sorting Technology: the multi-tool of the packhouse

Posted by Compac on Jun 7, 2016 6:34:55 AM

Fruit Sorting Technology: the multi-tool of the packhouse

Reduce fruit damage, lower your labor costs, and maximise your uptime.

In today’s competitive fruit packing environment, fresh produce brands must find creative ways to extract maximum value from every piece of fruit on every tree.

Nature is unpredictable and packhouses must expand their sorting resolution to ensure quality and value maximisation. With today’s sorting technology, field run fruit can be broken down into an infinite number of grades and sizes. Some packhouses have as many as 13 size breaks and 4 quality grades, giving as many as 52 different pack-outs. And this is before we start to look at different packaging types.

With multiple resolutions, how does a packhouse make the best use of labour and equipment to effectively pack such a vast range of product types and throughputs? Compac offers a range of rotary bin fillers, including the Rotofiller 3 — a unique solution to help packers handle fruit gently, maximise labour & equipment utilisation.

The standard Compac Rotofiller was first developed by an orchardist who refused to compromise on gentle Rotofillerhandling. The infeed to the Rotofiller is 670mm wide and feeds both sides of the head, this reduces the fruit velocity and fruit-on-fruit impact resulting in less fruit damage.

Recently we enhanced the pedigree of the Compac Rotofiller 3 line to develop a soft head Rotofiller called the 3SH, specifically designed for high grade produce including Class 1 apples, pears, and stone fruit.

The soft head Rotofiller 3SH has advanced controls including a touch screen interface to allow the operator to control the different speed elements of the machine. Packers can now easily manage the compromise between speed and gentleness with a single machine that adjusts to different daily requirements. One day you can cover high speeds for juicing and the next, gentle handling of premium export grade produce, as well as everything in between.

Read our blog on gentle handling - Handle with care: maintaining produce quality from field to packhouse

Re-binning mixed or low grade percentage products frees up packing lanes to run high volume quality products. This shifts your overall packing bottleneck from the number of available packing lanes to the maximum throughput of your sorter, resulting in overall improved throughput and reduced labor units.

Globally, Compac has installed over 1,000 Rotofillers as a tried and true gentle re-binning solution for a variety of different produce types and uses. This pedigree guarantees maximum uptime and extremely low maintenaVideo_blue_button_for_blog.jpgnce costs.

Rotofillers comes completely assembled with a single phase power connection for easy installation, allowing easy deployment around the packing facility and maximising the use of a single machine for differing daily requirements.

Watch the Rotofiller in action

A small investment in a Compac Rotofiller will improve your sorter utilization. Whether you are setting aside specific grades to be packed at a later date, or shipping fruit in bins for repacking in-market, a Compac Rotofiller will reduce fruit damage, lower your labor costs, and maximise your uptime.

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