Posted by Nigel Flack on Feb 10, 2021 8:53:57 AM

Based in the heart of California’s Central (San Joaquin) Valley, cultivating 5,000 acres of peaches, plums, and nectarines, the tradition of family farming has been a part of the HMC Farms’ story since 1887. HMC Farms has spent generations innovating their growing and handling practices to ensure that they can reliably provide their customers with the simple pleasure of great tasting fruit.

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Blog: Designing an Optimal Fruit Packhouse?

Posted by Paul Ramson on Nov 16, 2020 6:31:47 AM


Building a packhouse is a massive undertaking both financially & emotionally. Here's how to focus investments on areas that affect SKU creation and throughput which can have a huge pay off over time. This blog will help you define and understand the 10-to-20-year operational life of your foundational equipment investments and to do it right the first time so as to avoid costly ad-hoc additions later.

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Compac overcomes challenges of pandemic to deliver full satisfaction and a successful cherry season to customers in Turkey and Uzbekistan

Posted by Marijke Bellemans on Sep 7, 2020 5:06:50 PM

Compac, part of the TOMRA Food family, and its partners ICOEL and Sardas were confronted with unique challenges, as the COVID-19 pandemic hit just as they were preparing to ship and install three turnkey cherry grading and packing lines in Turkey and a fourth one in Uzbekistan. They overcame the unprecedented situation with countries under lockdown, travel restrictions and disruptions to goods transport logistics to complete the four projects right on schedule. This achievement required all the ingenuity of the teams involved in the installation, who were able to leverage Compac’s global supply chain and extreme operational flexibility. The four lines, equipped with Compac’s InVision2 electronic grading platform, were up and running for the beginning of the cherry season and they performed to the respective customers’ satisfaction. With their new Compac grading and packing lines, Perla Fruit, Karaali, Unifrutti in Turkey and Uz-Segang in Uzbekistan closed the season with resounding success, receiving positive feedback from their customers.

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Perla Fruit gets off to a flying start in its first cherry season

Posted by Marijke Bellemans on Jul 24, 2020 3:59:19 PM

Established in June 2019, Turkish packer and exporter Perla Fruit is well on the way to completing successfully its first cherry season. This result is all the more remarkable for having been achieved at a time when the world was rocked by the Covid-19 pandemic. This positive outcome is down in great part to the extensive experience and dynamism of President Kerim Taner and General Manager Murat Hamdi Taner, who steered the company through the many hurdles of this first year of activity. One of their decisions, which was critical to this success, was the choice of Compac as a partner for its automated sorting technology. Compac, part of the TOMRA Food family, its distributor ICOEL and Turkish agent Sardas pulled out all the stops to overcome the unprecedented situation of travel restrictions and lockdowns, and completed the on-time installation of a new turnkey cherry grading and packing line equipped with Compac InVision2 electronic grading platform. The system was up and running for the beginning of the cherry season and is delivering on its promise of excellent grading accuracy and outstanding defect and color selection. Perla Fruit fully expects to close its first season with a result that will place the company among the top cherry packers and exporters in Turkey.

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Posted by Marijke Bellemans on Oct 25, 2019 9:46:18 AM

Compac, part of TOMRA Food, the leading provider of post-harvest solutions and services to the fresh produce industry, and Sienz, a manufacturer, integrator and service provider to packers of fresh fruit and produce announced they have entered into a partnership agreement for the supply of produce grading solutions in Australia and New Zealand across a range of selected produce categories.

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