Hygienic, delicate singulation section, announced for the Compac sorter

Posted by Timothy Marshall on Oct 5, 2017 5:55:43 AM

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On October 20th at PMA New Orleans Compac will launch a hygienic singulation section for the Compac multi lane sorter (MLS) specifically designed for delicate produce such as Apples. 

The new singulation section, which will also be available as an upgrade for existing customers, builds on Compacs’ reputation for delicate handling while improving ease and effectiveness of cleaning and sanitization to increase line up-time and guarantee produce quality.

This development is a product of Compacs’ Food Trust Program, which was established in 2014 and aims to: (1) Protect the customers’ brand by reducing the risk of contamination through design and material selection; and (2) Improve packhouse efficiency by reducing cleaning complexity and frequency.  

See the Fowler Packing case to hear about how Compac Food Trust is reducing cleaning & sanitization requirements and providing peace of mind to retailers.

Product manager Gopi Ravi will be at PMA to discuss how Compacs’ Food Trust Program could maximise your uptime and minimize your cleaning & sanitization costs – book here now.

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Timothy Marshall

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