Fruit Logisitica 2017 - What's happening at the Compac booth

Posted by Compac on Jan 25, 2017 5:18:12 AM

Fruit Logisitica 2017 - What's happening at the Compac booth

We’re looking forward to seeing many of you in Berlin this year at Fruit Logistica 2017.

You’ll find us in hall 5.1, Stand A-12.

We are proud to introduce some key members of our team who will be at there to meet on the stand. Among them are our CEO Mike Riley, CTO Ken Moynihan as well as Darrell Smithson, our VP of Global Service and Perry Sansom, the VP of Product and Marketing.

This year our booth will focus on five key areas, with our solution and product experts ready to discuss your business needs.

Inspection Systems

Talk with: Andrew McQueen, Product Manager Spectrim-Blog.jpg

Compac’s grading platform Spectrim has been established as the world’s best produce grading platform.

Launched a year ago, the huge demand from packhouses across the globe has seen Compac’s new 11,000m2 Auckland headquarters being fully utilized, with nearly 500 lanes already sold across USA, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, South Africa, South America and China.

Sorting Solutions

Talk with: Tim Marshall, Product Manager 

Electronic sorting software is possibly one of the most important assets of a packhouse. It controls all mechanical components, interprets inspection results, assigns produce to outlets, stores and communicates data, and automatically optimizes line speed, pack weights, and packing configurations to maximize returns to growers.

Our new version of Sizer software responds to these challenges with new efficiency-enhancing packline automation features, giveaway reducing packing modes, produce traceability, and data sharing capabilities – all in an easier to use interface. 


Talk with: Chris Everitt, Business Development EMEA

Integration for us demonstrates how sophisticated the fresh produce industry has become. It’s obvious that no single supplier can provide packhouses with everything they need.

The future is about best-of-breed partners rather than one supplier. Partnering with world leaders in certain areas of the packhouse and integrating the equipment seamlessly is critical. Major industrial automation companies, with the strong backing of their governments, are coming out in force to push “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” (or Industrie 4.0) in Germany and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in the US.

Integration through software is their core principle and a strategic direction for Compac is to bring these state-of-the-art concepts to fresh produce packing.


Talk with: Perry Sansom, VP Marketing & Productcompac dashboard

Data cannot be ignored and will fast become the most strategic asset in your business. Data is already everywhere throughout the supply chain and there is huge value in gathering it from machines, making sense of it, and integrating it with data from other machines and systems to make smarter business decisions. For example, making real-time adjustments to pack-outs will increase efficiencies, or combining grading data with growing records can improve the future quality and yield of the orchard.


Talk with: Darrell Smithson, VP Global Services

Uptime is the metric that represents the percentage of time the packhouse is successfully operational. If we look back 20 years, a packhouse was simpler, operations were more manual and machinery was less complicated.

Packhouses are becoming more and more complex, with us trying to achieve more and more in one plant, whether this be pre-grade, commit-to-pack, hybrid or any combination of layout. Uptime is vital.

360 virtual packhouse tour

Host: Matt Stillwell, Content Specialistvr360compac.jpg

Meet our Content Specialist Matt Stillwell and take a virtual reality 360o tour of a New Zealand kiwifruit packhouse. When we debuted this at PMA Fresh Summit, people were amazed with the experience and saw a lot of opportunity for the technology to share the complete supply chain journey with an audience –  consumers, growers and produce buyers alike.

Matt will also have interactive touchscreens to showcase a variety of Compac solutions from across the globe.

How data will protect your brand

Talk with: Ken Moynihan, Chief Technology OfficierKen-Moynihan-CTO.jpg

Tech Stage - Hall 8.1, 1pm, Feb 8th

Customers expect safe, consistent, high quality and recognizable brands regardless of season and location. With value chains in fresh produce now longer and more sophisticated than ever, being able to harness data throughout an integrated supply chain is key to meeting these expectations.

For those who get it right, data and best-of-breed integrated post-harvest facilities hold significant competitive advantages when it comes to developing and enhancing your brand in the eyes of your consumer as a safe, healthy and reliable food choice.

Drone giveawayMavic Pro.jpg

Everyone who engages with our solution experts at the Compac booth goes into the draw to win the recently released DJI Mavic Pro drone. 

This drone is seriously cool, so make sure you enter!

Please get in touch if you have any questions about Fruit Logistica,

We hope to see you soon!

Spectrim retrofit CTA


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