See how others in the fresh produce industry are working with Compac to achieve competitive advantage.

In this interactive infographic, we'll cover: 

  1. Consistent quality

  2. Increasing pack-out

  3. Reducing cost-per-pack

  4. Solution partner

  5. Food safety


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Section 1

Compac helps Repackers meet customer expectations of consistent quality.

Consumers and customers demand consistent quality of produce, both internal and external. Meeting this quality expectation ensures your brand reputation is maintained with retailers and consumers.



How does Compac support Repackers with this?


Section 2

Compac helps Repackers increase profits by increasing pack-out.

Increasing your pack-out increases returns by improving resource utilization. Gentle handling solutions developed through the installation of over 4000 lanes worldwide ensures every piece of produce maintains its quality and value.

How does Compac support Repackers with this?

Advanced software modules automatically optimize produce pack weights to maximize returns by reducing product giveaway away and increasing packs shipped. Furthermore, solution design engineers create a gentle handling layout, ensuring the quality of each produce variety is maintained.

Section 3

Compac helps Repackers increase profits by reducing cost-per-pack.

Labor is a major component of cost-per-pack, and a challenge to find and secure. To reduce cost-per-pack, Repackers need to reduce labor while maintaining or increasing throughput. 


How does Compac support Repackers with this?

Technological advancements in our inspection system's hardware and software means that sorting labor can be reduced.

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Click and drag arrows to see how Spectrim reduces labor requirments

Section 4

Compac understands that Repackers seek a solution partner rather than equipment supplier.

Compac partners with a variety of leading best-of-breed suppliers to create integrated solutions that are optimized for each customer’s commodities and location.

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We support repackers by designing specific solutions for each customer’s needs through the integration of best-of-breed partners.  


Section 5

Compac knows that food safety is a must.

Compac understands how important food safety is.


How does Compac support Repackers with this?

  • Compac’s traceability enables tracking of produce from orchard to pack through the use of accurate produce tracking, pack printing and integration with 3rd party systems.


  • Compac creates food safe solutions through the application of hygienic design, selection of food safe materials, and provision of guidelines for cleaning and sanitization.


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