San Clemente

Location: Santiago, Chile
Installed: 2015
Project type: Cherry Solution

“Sending cherries from Chile to China is not easy - we export cherries all over the world to meet seasonal demand. The food needs to be processed efficiently to a very high standard with no defects, which would be impossible without this line of technology,”

Kings River Packing

Location: California, USA
Capacity: 140 bins /hour
Installed: 2014
Project type: Citrus Solution

“The lines are set up to be as flexible as possible so at the end of the day, the growers make more money.”

West Pak

Location: California, USA
Capacity: 24 tonne/hour
Installed: 2012
Project type: Avocado Solution

“We’re extremely pleased with the support we get and the relationship we’ve developed with Compac.”

Professional Produce

Location: Los Angeles, USA
Installed: 2014
Project type: Repack - Tomato & Citrus

“The biggest challenge with technology is to be able to train your staff to work the machine to its best capabilities.”

Titan Farms

Location: South Carolina, USA
Installed: 2014
Project type: Stonefruit Solution

“The biggest advantage of using technology like Compac is the data and information we can feed back to make us better growers.”