Zespri is in the big league

Posted by Matt Stillwell on Dec 6, 2016 9:34:21 PM

Zespri is in the big league

Zespri has taken our humble kiwifruit to new levels. Within 20 years they have grown to become a global fruit marketing powerhouse, competing in the leagues of established brands like Dole, Chiquita and Sunkist and is now, impressively, the number one fruit brand in Spain.

Zespri global sales are now a huge $1.9 billion and it predicts they will reach $4.5b by 2025.

Find out more about the amazing growth of Zespri and its future proofing methods. “Zespri takes on the world as its empire expands” published on stuff.co.nz

Future proofing

To ensure that Zespri continue to grow and stay ahead of the competition they have future proofed their operations in key ways:Zespri

1. Research into new varieties

The fresh produce business can be unpredictable – one year crops can be hit by hail, the next a poor summer. New varieties are continually being developed to cope during these times.

2. Quality control of all aspects, from growing, packing, and marketing

Zespri's aim is to present consumers anywhere in the world with a fruit that, no matter where it is grown, will be the same quality.

3. Year-round supply

Around the year 2000 Zespri had the foresight to grow kiwifruit in northern hemisphere countries to supply countries with fruit during the four months it did not come from New Zealand. So was born Zespri global supply (ZGS), with the first plantings in Italy they are now in France, Spain, South Korea and Japan. Other countries are currently being sized up for their potential.

4. Growing new markets 

Zespri have has turned their attention to Asia, and particularly China. By 2020 China will be the single largest market, surpassing Japan, with a predicted 22 per cent sales.

Read more on the how Zespri and it’s amazing growth and future proofing methods here.

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