Compac to release performance improving sorter software, Sizer 12 – at PMA

Posted by Timothy Marshall on Oct 2, 2017 4:39:00 AM

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On October 20th at PMA Fresh Summit 2017, Compac will take the covers off its next version of software, Sizer 12, the software at the heart of its industry leading sorting and packline equipment. 

The software has been designed to help resolve industry challenges and ultimately deliver increased throughput and consistency, reduce produce giveaway, and deliver higher returns.

Sorting software as a key packhouse asset

Sorting software is one of the most important assets of a packhouse. It controls all mechanical components, interprets inspection results, assigns produce to outlets, stores and communicates data, and automatically optimizes line speed, pack weights, and packing configurations to create consistent products and maximize returns to growers.

“As sorting lines have become more advanced, new software features, automation, and usability improvements enable immediate performance gains.  Through our investment in software development our regular software releases are enabling customers to further enhance performance & returns” – Gopi Ravi, Product Manager. 

Enhanced Sizer Software features answer challenges faced by brands, packers

Fresh produce brands and packers are facing a number of challenges today:

  1. Increased competition that calls for differentiation and higher efficiency

  2. Stringent packing specifications requiring greater consistency of pack

  3. Food safety requirements demanding improved traceability 

  4. Labor shortages requiring efficient labor use

  5. Increased packline complexity requiring improved automation and usability

  6. Food scarcity demanding a reduction in giveaway and food waste

The new version of Sizer software responds to these challenges with new efficiency-enhancing packline automation features, giveaway reducing packing modes, produce traceability, and data sharing capabilities – all on an easier to use interface. 

Combining Sizer software with Compac’s Spectrim external defect detection allows new levels of quality and consistency.  Furthermore, these features facilitate four trends currently underway in the packhouse – control integration, automationdata-sharing, and intelligent optimization.

Sizer 12 allows Compac customers get the most out of their pack

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Sizer software will drive performance improvements for all Compac customers, big and small. 

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