How does Compac’s investment in ServiceMax benefit customers like you?

Posted by Darrell Smithson on Aug 30, 2017 11:31:04 AM

ServiceMax benefits customers like you

Customer experience is everything! You can invest in the most advanced technology and arrange your packhouse in the most efficient way, but this means nothing if attention is not given to keeping things running. The fresh produce industry is quickly changing; consumers are demanding high quality produce and retails are pushing these demands down to the packhouse, meaning consistent uptime is crucial to meet expectations. Downtime is costly in multiple ways, which is why Compac is focusing on maximizing uptime for our customers on our journey to building a world class service organization.

“Our customers face increased competition with greater supply chain demands. They are looking for the provision of contracted services as they strive for increased efficiencies. Service agreements help us all plan better for success by ensuring the right resources are available at the right time. We are also able to identify issues or problems before they occur with the right preventative maintenance regime.” - Darrell Smithson, VP of Global Services at Compac.

Our first step in this journey was to invest in a service platform that provides us with ways to Compac tech using ipad.pngbetter service our customers, which led us to select ServiceMax to aid our operations.

“ServiceMax is a proven platform that allows us to connect with our customers, build stronger partnerships, and drive value well beyond the basic break-fix services,” says Smithson.

With the ServiceMax platform, we will be able to manage and track our field serviceCompac-service-control.png representatives with a real-time solution that allows for rapid response across multiple service level agreements. Compac plans to leverage the ServiceMax suite to proactively manage spare part stock levels and delivery, as well as using it to improve training for technicians. As a result, the company expects to improve customer experiences and empower its roster of customers to achieve real business value from their digital services.

ServiceMax will bring a consistency to the services we deliver by ensuring we are correctly supporting our customers’ needs in terms of resources, pre-planned visits and availability of parts. This will provide our customers with confidence that the Compac technology is always running at its peak potential, and that we will be there beside them as a partner every step of the way.

We are opting for a staged roll out approach, delivering the platform first to our US based customers and service staff in early August 2017, followed by Australia and New Zealand at the end of September 2017.

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Demands throughout the fresh produce supply chain will continue to increase as we Compac customer satisfaction.pngfulfill consumers expectations for safe quality produce, available 365 days of the year. Technology advancements have been made throughout the supply chain, with the packhouse seeing the biggest changes and as this technology continues to revolutionize the way produce is packed, quality service is definitely a must! Growers depend on it, retailers demand it, consumers expect it, and our customers need it. ServiceMax will enhance our whole interaction by providing better connectivity between our Field Service Reps, our technology and our customers.

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Darrell Smithson

Written by Darrell Smithson

VP Global Services

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