The Rockit Apple Story: Adding consumer value to a traditional commodity

Posted by Matt Stillwell on Apr 14, 2016 11:19:52 PM

The Rockit Apple Story: Adding consumer value to a traditional commodity

Consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious, placing even more of an emphasis on what they put into their bodies. But at the same time, they still demand convenience.

In the past, food that was considered ‘convenient’ was also likely to be processed. The modern, health-conscious consumer has moved away from accepting processed foods in the interest of convenience, and is now demanding food that is fresh, healthy and convenient – especially when it comes to fruit.

Enter Rockit Apples, a company who have found their niche meeting the consumer demand for freshness and convenience. Rockit package fresh, prewashed apples in a convenient tube. Better yet, their apples are a small, snack size, at approx. 1.5x the size of a golf ball. Rockit Apples have a sweet flavor, thin skin, a distinctive bright red blush, small core and fantastic crisp crunch.

Rockit Apples are sold in several parts of the world. The company is already experiencing impressive growth. The tube is convenient, hygienic and gives Rockit plenty of marketing space to ensure brand recognition from consumers, with the pack options being 2-6 per pack.

In terms of positioning the apples, Rockit is targeting the snack food and fruit markets worldwide, with unique apples which are naturally cross-bred to be the world’s first miniature apple. Rockit is not competing with other apple suppliers but instead with lunchbox snacks such as potato chips and muesli bars.

As a premium brand, it is even more important that Rockit delivers on their brand promise. Rockit has Video_blue_button-RockitApple.pngplaced a significant emphasis on marketing their product, ensuring all benefits around quality, consistency, convenience, and safety are clearly communicated to the consumer; any bad sentiment could be extremely costly for the brand.

Rockit Founder Phil Alison: “people are not going to want to buy a tube if there is one single defect or problem.”

Rockit has a global market strategy of 365 day supply and this goal can only be achieved by growing in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Ensuring consistency from apples grown globally is paramount for Rockit and their premium apple offering relies on a consistency of consumer experience.  

Utilizing both the latest in growing techniques and post-harvest technology, Rockit 
are able to meet their brand promise and enhance their brand in the eyes of the consumer. Rockit Apple uses Compac sorting and grading technology to inspect and grade each apple to ensure it meets the standard for which it can be packed into a Rockit tube.

Rockit need to keep the promise of quality and consistency, which keeps the brand's reputation strong. With growth at 250% year on year the timing for the Rockit Apple Tube to hit the market couldn't be better, as consumers are increasingly focused on healthy eating and are looking to make fresh produce a staple in their diet. 

Watch the Rockit Apple case study to learn the inside story.

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