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Posted by Matt Stillwell on May 18, 2016 11:31:29 PM


As the middle class grows both in size and wealth, they’re also far more discerning about fresh produce quality & providence - we are seeing a shift in the global supply chain, particularly in the distribution centers.

Traditionally, produce would go from a packhouse to supermarket without much flexibility around pack types. But today, flexibility and quality assurance is essential, as packs handle a wealth of different produce types and service a variety of customers. Repackers sit between the packhouse and the supermarket and add value to a product by packing in a way that appeals to retail and local consumer demographics. They also sort the produce just before it reaches the consumer, ensuring that premium produce is delivered in a premium pack. 

Repackers occupy a small part of the fresh produce supply chain and are heavily affected by both produce suppliers and supermarkets,  which is why efficiency and value-adding is of utmost importance.

Much of the repack industry is still packing produce by hand, and many are experiencing issues concerning labor efficiency and demand fluctuations as large orders are received. Good labor is becoming harder and more expensive to find, whilst using overtime labor is becoming increasingly more common.

To meet the growing demands of consumers and supermarkets and resolve labor complications, repackers  are investing in sorting and packing technology to increase operational efficiency through automationRepack_video.png.

Compac’s packing and sorting technology helped client Professional Produce of Vernon, USA automate their processes to meet all service orders quickly and efficiently. Not only were they able to increase their throughput, but overtime labor was greatly reduced which resulted in significant business growth and new customer acquisition.

Want to see the full Professional Produce story? Watch our video.

Repackers need to meet the needs of a variety of customers, product types and packaging requirements, so flexibility is important. Compac's ability to handle a multitude of produce types, packing scenarios and automate manual processes ensure a strong return on investment.

Sorting produce by its weight, color and shape, as well as internal and external defects, allows repackers to create more sophisticated products for retail sale, increasing the utilization of their input produce. All this is achieved whilst maintain flexibility over packaging types and ensuring the traceability chain remains intact, promoting consumer safety and food trust. 

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Compac are global leaders in packing a wide variety of produce types, for diverse markets worldwide. We partner with leading growers, packers, shippers and repackers to help them consistently market safe, high-quality produce, deliver on their brand promise and meet growing demands from retail consumers. 

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