InVision 5.0 advances fruit defect detection and sorting

Posted by Compac on Dec 8, 2015 12:15:03 AM

InVision 5.0 advances fruit defect detection and sorting

Compac is soon to release a significant update to its InVision optical grading system software, –InVision 5.0. will give existing customers access to new innovations in fruit defect detection, providing greater grading accuracy and with improved software usability. Read more and register for a 2016 upgrade slot.

The new intelligent defect detection and classification features of InVision 5.0 will allow Compac operators to essentially ‘teach’ the software to detect specific defects on fruit, improving grading accuracy, reducing grading line labor and providing valuable data on the condition of your crop that can be fed back to orchards for harvest management and used to provide feedback to growers on the condition of their crop to increase their yield.

Intelligent Defect Detection

InVision 5 allows the Compac operator to select areas of skin on the fruit surface and tell the software if it is good skin or bad skin. After exposing the system to both good and bad skin on fruit surfaces, the software can ‘learn’ and determine what good and bad areas of the fruit look like. Essentially, the operator trains the machine to recognize surface patterns, colors, textures and other specific skin-surface characteristics they wish to detect and grade appropriately.

Intelligent Defect Classification

With InVision 5.0 the operator to select a defect on fruit and classify it according to what it is. For example, a russet, puncture on the skin, etc. This allows the operator to classify different grades of fruits based on defects.

For example, the operator can train the system to separate out fruit with skin breaking defects to go to juice while those with slight skin dis-colorization can be grouped, packaged and priced appropriately.

Both features also provide valuable data that can be fed back to growers to enhance growth and harvest practices by building an in-depth data profile of the crop.

Improved usability

InVision is Compac’s most advanced and highest performing optical sorting software, being the most flexible and feature rich on the market. “Customers who are currently running on InVision 4.0 get extraordinary results, because of it's ability to be tuned to their requirements” says Compac’s CTO, Ken Moynihan. “However, as retailers and consumers have become more demanding and products more complex, it's become more and more challenging for our customers. We’ve addressed this issue with InVision 5.0. The software still delivers all the power of InVision 4.0 (and more) but is much more automated, intelligent and easier to use.”

Register for a 2016 upgrade slot

InVision 5.0 will be available in early 2016, and we are now taking expressions of interest for early 2016 upgrades. Register with us to request an install slot in 2016 now or to keep up to date and find out more about InVision 5.0. 

How to upgrade to InVision 5.0 FAQ

What hardware do I need?
Some computer hardware upgrades may be required. Your account manager will recommend a solution which works for your system. 
Which versions can I upgrade from?
There is no restriction on upgrading from previous InVision software releases. 
Which models of InVision system can I upgrade?
Currently InVision 9000 systems will derive the most benefit from InVision 5.0.

What training can I access?
Training can be purchased from your local Compac aftersales support team directly after installation or at a time of your choosing. 


Written by Compac

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