Compac and Tomra exhibiting together at Hort Connections 2017

Posted by Matt Stillwell on Apr 27, 2017 4:01:11 AM

Compac and Tomra exhibiting together at Hort Connections 2017

Compac and TOMRA will be exhibiting at Hort Connections 2017 on 15 - 17 May, at the Adelaide Convention Centre. This show is exciting as it’s the first of two great things - it’s the first time PMA and AUSVEG have united to deliver a joint industry conference and trade show, and it’s also the first time Compac and Tomra have shared a booth in Australia.

This is an exciting opportunity for our market, as all the sections of the fresh produce supply chain gather for the event.

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See us at the event

Come visit us at booth 212. You will be hosted by local representatives Neil Templeman Compac smlimg.jpgfrom both companies as well as key members of Compac’s leadership team, including Neil Templeman who has recently taken up the role of General Manager for Australia and New Zealand. This is a great opportunity to meet Neil and talk with our leadership team on what the TOMRA acquisition means for our industry.

Both Spectrim and Inspectra have had a massive year and due to this we are expecting a lot of interest from those attending the show.

Spectrim was launched and quickly established as the world’s mostCosta Spectrim.jpg powerful grading platform. In terms of ensuring high quality packs to the end consumer at a lower cost-per-pack for the packhouse, as all sorting labour was successfully removed. This was evident by the recent words of Harry Debney, CEO of Australian horticulture giant, Costa Group “This is a real game changer, it eliminates all of the labour [to sort fruit], and has given us 50 per cent throughput improvement.”

Watch Joe Bendotti talk about his Compac solution for Avocados

Inspectra had a massive impact on the New Zealand kiwifruit 2016 season as it was a low dry matter year due to low sunlight hours. Dry matter is a key indicator for taste and therfore is a key metric for Zespri, a brand that guarantees a great eating experience for their consumer. Due to the low dry matter, a lot of kiwifruit would have been dumped as the only other way to check the dry matter was to cut the fruit. Inspectra successfully pulled out all the good fruit and guaranteed the eating experience of the kiwifruit that made it into the box.  One of our customers, Hume Pack-N-Nool, recovered over 120,000 trays back into inventory, fruit that was originally considered un-packable.

Read more in our blog Hume Pack-N-Cool use internal defect sorting to meet the Zespri standardVideoBendotti_play_button.png

Why you should come and talk to us?

1. Ensure the quality of your produce

Consumers purchase fruit and vegetables after assessing the external quality, and then make repeat purchases based on the internal quality, i.e. the taste. When you can guarantee both the external and internal quality of your produce, you will enhance the eating experience for the consumer and increase demand for your product.

2. Reducing labor costs 

It is becoming costly and more difficult to find people with the right skills and experience. Automation of the packhouse increases your labor utilization, reduces the amount of labor required and mitigates the effects of labor shortages.

3. Increase your consistency

Advanced software and weighing technology allows greater accuracy, enabling you to get every bag to the target pack weight without give-away. This pack weight optimization can create up to 5% more packs from the same amount of produce, depending on machine configuration and incoming fruit distribution.

4. Maximize your uptime

By investing in technology with guaranteed uptime, you can have the confidence to meet the demands of your customers. Downtime can be very costly when dealing with fresh produce, as your quality can deteriorate during delays in packing, labor is wasted, and contracts may not be renewed.

Our team would love to hear about some of the challenges you might be having in your packhouse and talk about potential technology solutions. You can turn up to the booth any time or contact us to book a time and to ensure the right people are available to answer your questions. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Check out the full Hort Connections program here.

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