From packhouse to market: a case study in cherry efficiency

Posted by Compac on Mar 9, 2016 3:34:59 AM


When you’re running a produce company and exporting perishable goods all over the globe, how can you ensure you’re producing the best retail product to your consumer?

Agricola San Clemente, a Chilean company that exports fruit to local and international markets, was seeking a postharvest solution spanning software, hardware and equipment for getting cherries from the packhouse to their global retail customers as efficiently as possible.

John Skinner“Compac’s packhouse technology has helped us to solve our problem: we needed a complete line for sorting and processing our cherries, and we also needed a fast, quick and trouble-free installation because of our tight time schedule,” says John Skinner, Director of Development at San Clemente.

San Clemente recently installed a Compac InVision 9000 SFS cherry sorting line in the Angol cherry production area in the South of Chile, where there is huge development in cherry plantations.

The InVision 9000 SFS system allows San Clemente to efficiently produce the best quality retail pack at the lowest operating cost to the business.

“The cherry growing season is very short, and there is a lot of fruit coming online over the season, for which we needed increased sorting capacity,” says John.

The return on investment is clear in terms of the amount of time saved and increased processing volume.

“Sending cherries from Chile to China is not easy - we export cherries all over the world to meet seasonal demand. The food needs to be processed efficiently to a very high standard with no defects, which would be impossible without this line of technology,” says John.

Compac’s packhouse technology enhances and protects the San Clemente brand by allowing them to align their cherries with the highest value market segments.

Keen to find out more about the San Clemente experience? Click here to watch our video. 


Product Feature: Fine Fill Box Filler Fine-filler3d.png

A Compac Fine Fill Box Filler (FFBF) is the ideal solution for accurately filling boxes and cartons of various sizes. The Compac Fine Fill Box Filler has the ability to fill boxes to an accuracy of one piece of produce, and at a speed of three to four boxes per minute. It is predominantly designed to be used in the small produce market.

Using a single feed belt with sensors the Fine Fill Box Filler is able to control the rate in which produce is packed into a box or carton. Combined with the weighing of each box or carton this makes for a highly accurate pack, reducing product giveaway.

Product Applications:

The Fine Fill Box Filler is designed to work in the Cherry market where high value commodity giveaway is intended to be low. The Fine Fill Box Filler can operate down to 1 piece of produce accuracy (11.0g-17.0g) allowing for more accurate overall box weights.

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